Community-Based Education Initiative

For your project, you will develop a community-based education initiative to address a contemporary challenge and/or opportunity in your respective region and/or community. You will prepare a presentation to a local Aboriginal governing body and/or regional school board to ask for support for your project.

Activity Type: Research activities, Creating a media piece

Types of Interaction:

Learner and Content: Media, Videos, Readings, Websites, Other

Learner and Context: Fieldwork, Community, Other

Learner and Support: Learners, Experts, Other

Bloom Taxonomy Level: Remembering, Understanding , Applying , Analysing

Discipline: Arts and Humanities, Education

Author/Source Name: Thompson Rivers University Open Learning

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Creative Commons License: CC-BY-SA Attribution + ShareAlike


"Teamwork" flickr photo by sea turtle shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license