Aboriginal Teaching and Learning – Critical Reflective Journal

In this activity, you will engage in critical reflective writing. By using critical reflective writing, you get to share your lived, personal experience and perspective. You express your unique point of view. Your writing also must demonstrate a deeper level of understanding of course content.
Although the activity of critical reflection can be uncomfortable because you are asked to explore and share thoughts and personal experiences, ultimately, the critical reflective writing you do over the duration of the course will help to facilitate your personal growth and transformation.

This activity asks you to respond to four prompts

Activity Type: Reflective journals

Types of Interaction:

Learner and Content: Readings, Websites, Other

Learner and Context: Community, Other

Learner and Support: Learners, Other

Activity Structure: Individual

Bloom Taxonomy Level: Applying , Creating

Discipline: Arts and Humanities, Education

Author/Source Name: Thompson Rivers University Open Learning

Author/Source Email: learningactivities@tru.ca

Creative Commons License: CC-BY-SA Attribution + ShareAlike


"Kamloops Rainbow" flickr photo by Spatial Mongrel https://flickr.com/photos/syldavia/3217876 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license