Many teaching resources provide definitions and examples of learning activities, such as online discussions, web searches, blog posts and wiki activities. This resource, however, has been designed as an extensive bank of activities (learning designs, if you will) providing instructions that you can adapt to your own discipline and context.

This resource has been designed to be searchable by field category, as well as tags. Activities are assigned fields according to the type of interaction in the activity, structure, discipline, learning taxonomy, activity type and creative commons license.  Each comes with a brief description, as well as the full text of the activity.

You are invited to search the resource and use whatever you find most useful. I also encourage you to contribute your own successful learning activities and comment on those you reuse, adapt or explore. If you use adapt a resource, please reshare your version. I hope you will find this a useful resource for your teaching and/or design practice.


Recent Activities

Solving the Genetic Code of Oz

This problem is designed to get learners thinking more critically about the topics and include questions that are more involved and complicated. Learners work together to find the genetic code of Oz.

Activity Type: Online Discussion

Biology Field Research Project

This final project guides learners through the process of conducting ecological research and spans the length of their course. There are four main tasks to complete and document as learners move through the stages: blog posts, small assignments, an annotated bibliography and a final report.

Activity Type: Real world research

Citizen Science Project

Learners participate in a Citizen Science Project, such as the Solar Stormwatch Project.

Activity Type: Real world research

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