Create a viral media object

In your group, construct a media object that could be spread virally and is inspired by the spreadable media framework outlined by Jenkins et al. Your media should spread the message about: (insert topic here - student-life focused)
Answer the following questions to create your media:
1. What, in your opinion, makes media go viral? Which of the attributes identified by Jenkins et al. contribute most strongly to the spreadability of media?
2. What message do you want to spread, and to whom?
3. Where do you want your media to go viral? What channel is best suited to your message, and why? Is it a Tweet, a reddit starter pack, a video, a meme, etc.
4. How will channel influence the form of your viral media?
5. Why will audiences spread your media?

Reflect in the online discussion forum:
1. Of the class's projects, what was the most effective viral media object, and why?
2. How do we judge effectiveness of viral media?

Types of Interaction: