Miracle Foods—Myths and the Media

Read the article, Miracle Foods – Myths and the Media by NHS Choices. Answer a series of prompts in the form of a blog post or on a discussion forum. Read and reflect.

Activity Type: Online Discussion, Research activities, Writing a blog post

Types of Interaction:

Learner and Content: Readings, Websites

Learner and Context: Other

Learner and Support: Learners, Instructors

Activity Structure: Individual

Bloom Taxonomy Level: Understanding , Applying

Discipline: Medicine and Health Sciences

Author/Source Name: Thompson Rivers University Open Learning

Author/Source Email: learningactivities@tru.ca

Creative Commons License: CC-BY-SA Attribution + ShareAlike


"Staying Healthy" flickr photo by Sean X. Liu https://flickr.com/photos/sean_x_liu/36279833821 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license