Create a Business Plan

You are required to work in a small group to prepare and submit a business plan for a hypothetical new venture. Imagine you are part of a small team starting a new venture to design and sell a hypothetical new iPod accessory. You are to develop a complete business plan for the launch of this new venture, with the specific objective of attracting an early-stage equity investor. The business plan should be written from the perspective of a founder team trying to attract startup investment from a business angel. All team members should actively participate in the preparation of the business plan, and act professionally towards each other. You can also decide as a team to use external communication tools, such as Skype.

Activity Type: Essay assignments, Research activities

Types of Interaction:

Learner and Support: Learners

Activity Structure: Group

Bloom Taxonomy Level: Understanding , Applying , Creating

Discipline: Business

Author/Source Name: Thompson Rivers University Open Learning

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