Analyze a Theory

Theories help us make sense of the world. Watch the following Big Bang Theory videoclip, 'Sheldon’s zones of privacy’ conversation between Amy and Sheldon. Sheldon's ‘zones of privacy’ both describes and explains who Sheldon can talk to about what types of topics. How would you describe Sheldon’s theory here? What does it describe? Have you ever come up with a theory to describe and explain a phenomenon? Think of an example of either a theory you’ve come up with, or one that a friend has pitched to you. Does the theory meet the theoretical goals of description and explanation? Does the theory seek to predict and control communications (as in Sheldon’s case), or does the theory seek to simply understand a phenomenon?

Activity Type: Video resources, Case study analysis

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Learner and Content: Videos

Activity Structure: Individual

Bloom Taxonomy Level: Understanding , Analysing , Evaluating

Discipline: Arts and Humanities

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Image: "Sheldon Cooper" by pintacabezones